111 Miles North

A couple years back we motored up California Route 99 to Kern county– Bakersfield to be exact. We wanted to see what, if anything, was left of the independent labels responsible for the original Bakersfield sound. With a stack of old 45 rpm records in tow, we drove to nearly every address printed on the labels, and sadly we came up short.

But the road trip brought other surprises– great food, a burgeoning beer scene, and loads of photographic eye candy. We found a treasure trove of classic storefronts and signage seemingly unscathed by the march of time. A couple days in Bakersfield kept the old shutter finger in shape.

As they say, when one door closes another door opens. While we may not have gotten to the bottom of the Bakersfield sound, we got a taste of of the sights and will be back for more when the coast is clear.