The Hand Writing is on the Walls


It tells you where to park, what’s for sale, or how much for a haircut. I may not go in for the advertised clutch job or psychic reading, but I’m sold on the peeling-paint fonts and colorful crooked letters that make the walls come to life. A field trip through the city is a walk through a typographic gallery. It’s as if these walls can talk.

Check out our urban typography mini journal here . Perfect for recording field notes on your urban rambles.

What’s New?

Certainly not J.J. Newberry’s.  This national chain of dime stores left downtown Los Angeles in 1998.  Are there any left anywhere?  Doubt it, but I happened to catch this one being dismantled including the neon signage.  Are these fine huge letters currently on the wall of some rich fiend?  Probably cut up for scrape metal long ago.