The Big P On Pico At Fairfax

Pickwood Theater-1992

Who amongst ye in Los Angeles can recall the Picfair movie theater,  a small single screen on Pico at Fairfax?  Built in 1940 and destroyed in 1992 following a torching during the riots.  By then it had been closed since 1979 and had morphed into Albee’s Discount Appliance.  The joint has a curious history including owned for a time by James Nicholson before he started American International Pics in the late 1950s.  This picture is of the front of the marquee, uncovered by fires from the rebellion.  We’re looking up, seeing were hundreds of bulbs once blinked in patterns.

I recall walking beneath the P, through the ghosts of a ticket booth & concession stand, down into the pit where chairs once sat audiences upright for the movies.  I walked around the empty shell of the theater, sky above, simple stenciled designs on what was left of the plaster walls.

For more info, check out the great memories of the place left in the comment section of the Cinema Treasures site.

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