Malted Milk If You Please


How is it possible that malts once reigned supreme?  The evidence is all around us if we care to look for ghosts.


A kid today might not even know the word, even if you added milk after malt.  But at one time there were malt shops.  Not sure what else they served.  Maybe root beer floats and chocolate shakes?  Burger and fries like the place below with neon malt spinning like a top.


And yet, malts was the name above the title at one time, a place reserved for major stars.  So check out our little gallery of dead malt shops whose signs remind us of a past we can only dream about.   Recently I made a wrong turn at the airport and found an older burger joint with a newly painted bright red sign screaming Malts.  They weren’t open at the time so I wasn’t able to confirm a real malted milk or not.


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